Bring it on



2009 pretty much sucked, but it wasn’t “awful”.

I lost my Bon Bon, but gained THREE new kitties. NONE of them could replace her. The three of them can’t replace her, but they do help to partially fill the huge hole in my heart.

My little boy is becoming a young man. Kind of hard to wrap my head around, but also exciting and wonderful. He’s teetering on that brink. Half boy, half “man”. Still got the “baby fat”, but getting the gangly arms and legs. I will have to stop calling him my little boy. He’s becoming a young man. *sniffle*

Our medical issues tanked and then gradually got better (thank goodness). My pinched nerve is still there, but I’ve learned some exercises that help alleviate most of the pain and I’ve also learned that it’s ok to ask for help (even if no one actually gives it). The Peanut’s feet are still an issue. We go back to the orthopedist this month, so we shall see how “loose” the tendons have become.

My braces are SUPPOSED to come off today. After nearly 4 years. I’m both excited and expecting to be told that they just can’t come off today. And pathetically, that will devastate me (if that happens). I’m just so ready to be done with that issue. Always thought my image issues were related to my gnarly teeth. Um, nope. They’re “pretty” now and I still don’t feel pretty…so, not the teeth. Gotta figure out my problem and fix it. DAMN.

Today is also my Aunt’s 68th birthday. 68! Sadly, she looks and acts 168. :-/ She annoys the shit out of me, but, for good or bad, she’s here to stay. As much as I complain, and HATE the idea, it’s a mutually beneficial situation (believe it or not). Just suck it up, whiner, and deal. (whiner would be ME, in this situation).

My brother (if I can still call him that) is still doing his best to alienate people. Even over the holidays with my family. Showed up late and left early. While my mother was cooking dinner. Don’t know all the details as to why, and at this point, I really don’t care. I just don’t like that he holds us all hostage to his mood swings. If we want to see MAC, we have to dance when and as ordered. At least The Peanut got to see his new cousin and hold him, right?

Friendships were re-established and lost this year. Times change.

Haven’t really made any resolutions for the new year. Maybe I’ll just try to be nicer to myself and those I love. It’s far easier to be nicer to those you love than it is to be nicer to yourself. So, I totally expect to fall flat on my face about 92 million times…but, I’ll brush myself off and stand back up and take another step forward. Eventually, I’ll make it to the other side.

It’s all about the journey anyway, right?


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