OMG I’m speechless

but I’m gonna write about it anyway :-p


Now…the “translation” (in case you can’t see it or read his writing)

“Hero Paper by Peanut

“My hero is my mom because she is caring, because she is very loveable and responsible and a very good problem solver.

“My mom is very responsible because when she misses a day of work she makes up time to get back on track. Another way is when a business trip is near she is always packed the day before. In the morning my mom checks if she has anything before she goes.

“My mom is a good problem solver because she finds ways to help me clean the basement. Like this one time she told me to break it into groups. She also looks for ways to rearrange. She tries to help me with my homework.

“My hero is very caring. When I’m hurt or sick my mom always cheers me up. Another way is she will never give up on me. Sometimes my mom will take us out to get away from the house.

My mom is a great hero she has good life goals and a good heart. I hope she will still do these things when she is older.”


Could I love this boy any more???????????


Comments on: "OMG I’m speechless" (1)

  1. Awwwwwwwww!!!! Makes you melt, huh? Being a Mom is the best! *hugs*

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