Jen-ness and the Meme

Had a migraine yesterday. Was NOT pleasant. Add to that my kitty’s foot was swollen and he was limping and needed an emergency vet visit, and there’s no one but me who can do it, it wasn’t a great day.

However, since his foot isn’t broken, it wasn’t a sucky day either. Just sucked money-wise. :-/ Don’t you love when a budget is blown by an emergency (especially near a holiday)?

Anyway, he’s on antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and pain meds for the next week or so. Poor Chi Chi 😦 (note: he did NOT like getting the antibiotics this morning, but tough, he needs it…I’ll bleed to keep him healthy *wipes blood from a multitute of scratches*)

can’t remember much else from yesterday, so here’s the meme…

Day 08 | A photo that makes you angry/sad

Makes me sad, cuz I miss my Bon Bon 😦

Day 09 | A photo you took

Taken with my cell phone. Picture of the techy toy that was giving me issues last week. (could be used for the angry/sad photo too :-p)


Comments on: "Jen-ness and the Meme" (1)

  1. Do I need to give you cat wrangling lessons?

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