Still having issue with my equipment at work. Was successful in obtaining a new “brain” that has the proper pin configuration for my data cable, but I still can’t get the brain and my computer to communicate. Starting to get pissed…

took the kittens to the vet last night.

Baby is now 5 pounds! He DOUBLED his weight in 3 weeks! Still dry nurses, but they say that will stop (and it HAS reduced in frequency). The only excitement for him was he did NOT like the oral dewormer medicine they gave him. He was hopping around all over the room and FOAMING AT THE MOUTH! He would NOT settle and I’ve NEVER seen a cat react like that. I was bit concerned, until they gave him a little bit of food (to take the “bad taste” out of his mouth) and he ate it, stopped foaming and calmed down. Woah!

S’mores is only 3.25 pounds. Didn’t even gain a full pound in 3 weeks. However, since she is female, they’re not concerned that she’s tiny. She may just be one of those tiny breeds. She gave no reaction to the shots or the oral de-wormer, but they gave her some food too, just so she wouldn’t react like Baby did.

All in all, they are healthy and don’t need to go back until they need to be fixed. (I have to stagger that as it will be close to $400 to have both done)!

After the vet, the Peanut and I had our Mommy and Jacob Night. He and I both got food from Wawa (it’s what we wanted!). He a turkey hoagie and me the hot turkey bowl (with stuffing and gravy, mmmmmmm…). We enjoyed it and then watched our nightly movie…Polar Express. I cried, as usual. It’s just such a cute movie and also makes me angry all over again, that the Toad’s FCB of a girlfriend RUINED the magic of Santa for the Peanut last year. FCB. I want to wish hateful shit on her, but she has kids and they need a parent. *pouts*

Best Part (P): This (cuddles)
Best Part (M): This (cuddles)

Worst Part (P): nothing
Worst Part (M): Baby’s reaction to the meds

Looking Forward To (P): school and playing
Looking Forward To (M): my test system working properly

and now…the meme…

Day 04 | Your favourite book

of all time? Probably The Outsiders. It’s a “kids’ book”, but it’s made the longest, lasting impression on me. I’ve enjoyed MANY other books, but that’s one I go back to frequently.

Christmas Book? The Littlest Angel. Again, it’s a kids’ book (and so NOT my religious belief), but I thought it was so sweet when I was a kid and then absolutely heartbreaking as an adult…but it’s still a great story about “finding the perfect gift”. 🙂

Here’s to a great Friday.


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