Yesterday was actually pretty good…for a Monday.

I got to work relatively early. Even worked an hour extra šŸ™‚

Made Chicken and Dumplings when I got home (I am “da bomb” as this is a HUGE favorite and perfect for cold rainy weather).

After dinner, I got the kitchen cleaned and then we went to the Peanut’s school for Parents’ Night at the Santa Workshop. Peanut did his xmas shopping and got everything…although, with all the damn chaos, we forgot a gift for Aunt Mandy. :-/ No worries though, his class goes back to the Workshop on Wednesday, so he can pick her up something then.

He picked out the cutest damn thing (stupid, really, but silly and cute) for MAC (my newest nephew). It’s a SuperBaby Bib! Cute as hell! and I’m such a sap I nearly cried. I think I was sappy more from the fact that Peanut picked it out all on his own and thinks that his newest cousin (whom he has yet to meet) is “Super” šŸ™‚

The Workshop was complete chaos and I was glad that he stuck to task and just got it all done. I promised we would wrap tonight, so that should be fun. LOL

The Peanut was pretty good too. He did all his chores…in 15 minute spurts. Of course, in between all of this and after, he played…completely IGNORING his homework. Mama was bent!

So, unfortunately, he is grounded today. And he has a half day of school. Sux to be him. Guess he’ll do his homework next time…

Anyway, we have a routine where we cuddle and talk about what was our Best Part of the day, Worst Part of the day and what we’re Looking Forward To the next day. I’d like to try to keep a record of these bits of our life because sometimes they’re damn funny (just not today :-p).


Best Part (P): School and the workshop.
Best Part (M): The cuddling

Worst Part (P): getting grounded.
Worst Part (M): him getting grounded

Looking Forward To (P): half day
Looking Forward To (M): “quitting time!”


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