General Spewage

Went to see NEW MOON with my friend, C’s fiance and some of her friends on Friday night. I stand by my earlier statement…”17-year old boys should NOT look like Jacob Black”. I’m just sayin’…


Ok, back to reality (damn it).

While on my way to this lovely, lovely movie, I get a text message from my friend, N, asking me how Peanut’s nose is.

Um, what?

Apparently, shortly after I left, the kids were outside playing football and Peanut bumped heads with one of the other boys. More like Peanut bumped his NOSE against E’s head. Blood was everywhere and Peanut was crying.

Shortly after I text “what?” back to N, I get a response that he’s fine and back out playing. So, being the stupid, horrible, evil mother that I am, I let it go and go enjoy myself at dinner/movie with 4 other women I don’t even know.

When I get home (thankfully, not very late), I find out Peanut did a number on his nose. Neighbors originally thought he had broken it. Another neighbor (conveniently a surgical nurse) said that he may have a black eye in the morning.

I gingerly felt his nose. No breaks or dislocations that I could see, but his one nostril was bloody.

The neighbor that cleaned him up (Thanks L!) told him not to blow his nose. Now, sadly, he’s been slowly catching a cold since his fever last week, so he’s congested. It’s hard NOT to blow your nose when you really, really want to. So he snuffs (gags). How can snuffing be better than blowing? (oh, dirty minds, leave that one alone!)

I plan to call the docs office today, just to get the all clear for him to blow his nose or whatever. Again, no black eye, no bruising, no breaks (that I can detect), but his nostril STILL looks bloody…

After all this excitement, we head up to my sister’s on Saturday to have some sister/cousin time. The boys seem to get along better and better when we get together now. My nephew has ADHD and sometimes he drives Peanut nuts, but he’s getting better at handling it. (not like the Peanut is perfect…sheesh, he drives ME nuts sometimes, duh!)

We did our annual “boy trade” for holiday shopping (My sister takes Peanut and I take Sweet Pea and we have them shop for their mommies). We’ve been doing this for a couple of years now and it’s a LOT of fun 🙂 We put a twist on it this year that the boys were to shop at either a dollar store or a thrift store. I must say, the boys did AMAZINGLY WELL picking out the gifts. 🙂

Sunday, we went to White’s Road Park. This is Peanut’s “Happy Place”. We used to live up near my sister (when Peanut was an infant) and he has a special attachment to this park. When his dad used to pick him up, in the beginning, they’d stop at this park and play, walk the trail, etc. It was a special ritual for them, that apparently has fallen by the wayside.

The Peanut seriously misses this ritual. I wasn’t sure how he’d feel about going with ME (and I didn’t want to impose upon his and his father’s special place), but he begged to go back to this park since we were so close.

He loved it. We walked the whole trail. Played on the swings. Even had a mini picnic (whenever I take him and his friends to the park, we all stop for a drink and a snack).

While we were walking the trail, he said that he was so happy because this was his Happy Place and he had his most special people with him (me, Sweet Pea and, in a way, his dad).

While he DID cry when we got ready to leave, we promised each other we would come back as often as we could.

My sister and I have been (jokingly) saying that I should move up that way again. Seeing Peanut’s reaction to this park, makes me want to more seriously consider this “joke”.

My sister and I, between the two of us, could afford a rather large house (mini McMansion), giving us ample room for ourselves, both boys, our small zoo, and possibly my aunt.

Peanut would be closer to his dad. My sister and I would be able to tag-team taking care of the boys. We’d be very close to the park. It’s quiet.

However, I’d have to find a new job (not fun in this economy) or commute 1 hour each way to work (which would KILL the whole tag-team idea). Peanut would have to start a new school (AGAIN) and make new friends.

UGH, I just don’t know what to do.



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  1. would this move be closer to me?? Cuz if so, then of course i’m allll for it!! 🙂

    It is a big decision obviously…lots of pro’s and of course some cons too. I wonder if Jake would be ok with changing schools if he was closer to dad?

    You’re a level headed chicky and I know you’ll put much thought into it…it’s all good whatever you decide!

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