it eludes me lately.

After being EXHAUSTED for over a week, I can’t sleep for more than an hour at a time.

No wonder I wind up exhausted!

It’s quite possible my sleep difficulties were due to the fact that I was up until 3 am Sunday morning. I haven’t done that in MONTHS! 1 am? Sure. 2 am? Not so much. But 3 am??! WOW

And then I slept until 11 :-/ What a way to waste a beautiful Sunday. However, I DID clean the living room, dining room and kitchen. Even mopped the entire downstairs (including the “icky bathroom”). I can’t wait to have funds to re-do that room! It’s just *ew*. However, if funds ever become available…the kitchen will be first.

Speaking of the kitchen, I bought some curtains for the driveway-side-window. Really, it’s a tie-up shade. And it’s black. A little dark, but at least I don’t feel like I’m on display (haven’t had a curtain on that window for over a year…close to two actually).

Hanging said curtain was a bitch. Had to put up some hardware…and the damn hardware wasn’t for metal. That’s right LJ World, I have METAL window and door frames. WTF?! So, now I need to go out and get some metal screws, in a small size, so I can better hang this hardware…maybe.

I should probably list ALL the shit I still need to do in the kitchen (plus the stuff I *want* to do in the kitchen)…maybe I’ll get it finished? Yeah, don’t hold your breath.

I even mowed the lawn for the last time this year. Thank the gods! I seriously dislike mowing…I don’t have much of a yard, but it’s a pain to mow (layout). I’d love to landscape my backyard, but I really can’t get what I envision in my head to come to reality. I can “create” anything. In my head. Getting it out where someone can see it? Rarely, if ever, happens. *sigh*

Good lord, I have journal ADD. I’m all over the place!

Started with my lack of sleep (seriously people, I saw most of every hour between 10:30 pm and 6 am) and ended with landscaping. OY I think I should end here before I give any more evidence that I’m seriously insane.


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