I’ve had some dizzy spells lately, so the doctor has put me on Flonase, Meclizine and Zyrtec D.

I’m convinced their a cocktail for Weird F*cking Dreams.

They started with me visiting my friend MLH at her house. Not the house I remember from our childhood, but it was her house. It was friggin HUGE and opulent. I remember roaming from room to room to room because I was trying to find a bathroom. Never did find it…

Noticed at one point, it was attached, via a breezeway to another house…very run down, but fully furnished and incredibly messy. And all I could think of was, “how cool is that?!?”

Next thing I know, I’m having an argument with Michelle Rodriguez (actress) about a friend of hers who was being abused. Not physically, but the threat was there. She was trying to tell her friend to just kick HIS ass, but I was trying to explain to her that yes, she could definitely fight the guy and cause damage/pain, the man was still physically bigger and stronger and could potentially hurt her friend (Anna?). That Anna should get out and get help.


Now I’m riding a bike to Red Rock Park (no clue what this is, or where it is). I meet up with my friend, C. At the park, is The Peanut’s bike. So, he was there at some point. I decided to take his bike apart to bring it home. C has some sort of weird contraption that lets me put the bike in a backpack-like devise to ride it home.

When I get home (my OLD house in Sharon Hill), I’m cleaning the bikes and putting the Peanut’s back together when he comes in.

I ask him where he’s been and he tells me he was working on #1 gas generator with his teacher. (Yeah, right, 10 years old working on a turbine engine…ok…) “I tried to call you.” “My cell phone’s dead.”

I tell him I found his bike at Red Rock Park. Now where were you?

He tells me he was in Colorado!!?!

I FLIPPED OUT! “How the hell did you get to Colorado?”

“Sarah’s parents.”

“Who the hell is Sarah?” (some girl in his class, um…not that I know of!)

I start flipping out. Do I call the police? Did they make him eat anything? Did they make him wear anything? Did they hurt him? What did they do in Colorado? Do I take him to the hospital?

I started to panic because I’m a federal employee (not like I work on anything interesting or fun) and was afraid he was used for a terrorist weapon (infected with a virus, made to swallow a lethal bomb…oh, my viciously vivid imagination went WILD!)

I woke up at this point (3:39 AM!) and decided it was time to get ready for work. Was too afraid I’d have even more effed up dreams, but was also afraid I’d never fall back to sleep again.

Wonder what gems my Weird F*cking Dreams Cocktail will bring tonite.



Comments on: "Cocktail for Weird F*cking Dreams" (1)

  1. It’s Cary–Umh are you sensitive to (or in my case allergic to!) pseudoephedrine? Sudafed. It’s the decongestant in zyrtec-D and that gives me some f*ed up dreams if I can sleep with the racing heart! Zyrtec itself made me have some funky dreams from time to time. Good news is it goes away over time! And meclizine for me during the daytime? Nope–knocks me out!

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