Mulch gardens
Weed gardens (hopefully just a weekly thing)
• Expand driveway (may not be able to do this for a few years)
• Seal driveway
• Plant some pretty flowers
• New fencing (maybe next year?)

Front Yard:
Trim bushes

Side Yard:
Weed side garden (BIG JOB) Just mowed it over…too big a job and REALLY ugly

Back Yard:
• Clear out space behind the shed (‘nuther BIG JOB)
• Plant a vegetable garden
• Deck out back (again, few years from now)


• Caulk windows
• Cut door
• Paint door
• Replace door knob

Craft Area:
• Purge craft area
• Clean craft area

Play Room:
Get rid of bed Someone has claimed it, but can’t take it until 01 AUG. I’m still counting it as done tho
• Hang curtains or panels to create privacy for back
• Clean/purge playroom

Utility Room:
• Clean/purge utility room
• New laundry organizer

First Floor:

Living Room:
• Paint
• Caulk windows
• Frame windows?
• Hang pictures
• Clean floor

Dining Room:
• Clean Floor
• Hang pictures
• Take down PB Panels
• Make tablecloth
• New table/chairs?

• Move outlets
• Move light switch
• Move pantry
• Take down gingerbread
• Replace light
• Move base cabinet
• Cut countertop
• Move fridge
• Paint windows
• Frame windows
• New backdoor?
• Replace ¼ round
• Fix threshold
• Hang pictures
• Hang 2 cabinets
• Buy Varde base cabinet?
• Hang PB panels?

• New floor?
• New vanity
• New medicine cabinet
• Paint door
• Move glass cabinet
• New wrought iron accessories

Inny’s Room:
• Clean/purge corners
• Toss night stand
• Hang pictures
• Hang new curtains
• Paint?
• Paint/caulk windows

• Clean/purge/organize
• Paint doors
• Replace door knobs
• Remove pipe
• New shelves?

Second Floor:

Jacob’s Room:
• Empty closet
• Paint walls
• Paint windows
• Paint baseboards
• Paint doors
• Replace door knobs
• Clean floor
• Clean/purge/organize

• New vanity
• New medicine cabinet
• Paint door
• Replace door knob
• Repair walls by tub
• Paint
• New shower curtain rod
• Hang soap/shampoo dispenser

• Paint door
• Replace door knob
• Clean/purge/organize

My Room:
• Re-secure curtain rods
• Paint closets
• Paint window in large closet
• New curtain rod for large closet window
• Clean/purge/organize

Funny aside…I’ve been watching the show Clean House on the Style network. I’ve become obsessed by their purging and organizing. Now, my house is no where NEAR as cluttered as most I’ve seen, however it is still pretty bad. Acting on impulse, I took a picture of my basement and sent it off to the show. About 2 days later, I received an email requesting I make an “audition DVD” and send it to them. Showing my three worst rooms, the front entrance and all inhabitants.

I’m actually a little excited (and a LOT embarassed) at getting a “call back”.

Now to get my ass in gear making the DVD. IF I make it on and IF you see me, try to be nice when you see my mess LOL


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