Crafty Update

“Celtic Spring” designed by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum
Date Started: Oct 2008 (can’t remember exact date)
Date Stitching Complete: 24 JUN 09
Date Beading Started: 07 JUL 09

She is stitched on 17 x 21 Aida that’s been hand-dyed “Willow”. Aida was purchased from ABC Stitchery out of New Hampshire. Imported from New Zealand.

Can’t wait to see the finished product πŸ˜€

Then to decide which season to start next…


Comments on: "Crafty Update" (8)

  1. Yeah, then to decide what next!!! Hopefully we’ll get to arrange a stitch’n’bitch date soon! It’s been too long since we last hung out!

    Very beautiful and I liked the Willow fabby. I signed up again for Silkweaver’s fabric of the month club in the “surprise me” and just got my first shipment…beautiful…just itching to be stitched on!

  2. Awesome! I just stitched out some parrots for a curtain and lighthouses for another, but I cheated! (Viking Designer SE) Wow–great job!

  3. Pictures! I wanna see pictures! πŸ™‚

  4. So what did you finally decide to start on? I wanna see pics! πŸ™‚

    And we will most definitely have to get together and stitch’n’bitch! I love to cross stitch…odd really, considering I am NOT very patient and tend to frustrate easily…LOL

  5. Here it is…a picture…It’s called “Nordic Rune Sampler” by Witches Stitches. They are out of business and I’m glad I snagged one of their OOP charts (I also have a handfasting one too)

    And yes, we must make plans soon!!! Either a Saturday or one evening to stitch’n’bitch!!!!

    I am so like you…I am not very patient and get frustrated easily and yet…can calmly and patiently rip out 100 or more stitches!!!! LOL.

    How’s Tiger??? He looks just like his mama!!!!

  6. OOH! That looks so purdy!

    Saturdays or evenings are perfect for me. I usually have a Friday Night With The Girls in Newtown Square, but usually don’t go when I have Jake…You’re more than welcome to join us one night, if you’d like. (However, I’d still like to just hang with you, ya know πŸ˜‰

    It’s funny, I could blow a gasket having to repaint a wall or pick up 92 million beads, but ripping out 3 days worth of stitching? Whatever LOL

    Tiger is naughty as all get out, but such a lover…when HE wants to be LOL He has such a tiny little meow. You barely hear him, but he sure makes up for it with claw action :-p

  7. As soon as I find the camera….it’s here somewhere….

  8. WIllow

    Hey, I remember her! You started her at lunch with Anika and I on a Thursday!

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