Peanut got a coupon from his teacher yesterday.

A free Kid’s Meal, Oreo milkshake or dessert!

He got it for reading 44 books this year! One of only THREE in his class to get the coupon.

He was SO proud of himself and rightfully so! Somedays, that reading log was incredibly hard to do, but, he did it (and I will admit, we totally blew it off in the last two weeks). It helps that he had to do his stretches for his feet and we used that time to read. It also helps that *I* would read at the same time, so there was little to no TV distraction.

Anyway, because he was so excited, I told him that if he went to the chiropractor with me, we would go to Applebee’s afterward (because I had to hit the community center to sign him up for Summer Playground Camp).

We had a wonderful “date” and a great server. Jacob is ALWAYS well behaved and a gentlemen, and our server was so good, that Jacob begged me to give her “a really good tip”! He had one “faux pas” moment where he did a total “guy move” when we got out of the booth, but I quietly admonished him that we don’t “adjust” ourselves in public and off we went.

While dining, we worked out a do-able summer schedule/plan. What times he will get up and what he will do (i.e., Juice Plus+, feeding cats, cleaning his room, etc.). Let’s hope it works all summer!

All-in-all, an enjoyable evening.


Comments on: "Applebee’s" (2)

  1. Anonymous said:

    That’s great!! Did the date begin with “Woman, take me to Applebee’s”? Sorry, couldn’t resist!! I think you should make Jake come in here, and you can go to summer playground camp.

  2. LOL! No, it started with “Mom, look what I got! Actually, look in the pocket of my school pants and see what’s there. Can we go tonight?!?” LOL

    Hell, I’m all for 6 weeks of summer playground camp! Although, I don’t think I’d subject my most favorite 10-year old boy to this shithole for 6 seconds…

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