Concentration Issues

oooh, look! A chicken!

Seriously, I’m having THE WORST time concentrating on anything right now.

Too much to do at work…I can’t even follow my own thought processes! I get started on one project, and then BOOM I have a great idea for another and by the time I get to the other project, I forgot what the hell I was going to do!

Too much to do at home…I can’t focus on one project/item/process. I roam from room to room doing little shit here and little shit there, or I start in one room, have to run to another room for something else and get sidetracked there…

It’s BAD!

I have SO much shit to do and SO much swirling around in my head. I latch on to a thought and somehow, it jumps tracks and whips me where I had no intention of going…and I can’t even figure out how I got there…

Is it seriously possible to develop ADD as an adult?

This is maddening!

I keep hoping that if I get my HOUSE in order, my work crap will follow suit…it’s not working.

And I’m USUALLY a very organized person at work. Not so much at home (mostly because there are other people there to touch and mess up my systems).

And I’ve become more and more anal about organization, that nothing gets organized. “Look, it makes sense to do it this way.” “ooh! but look, if I break this one down into these categories, it will make it easier to manage.” “oh, and get this, if I cross reference these categories, with this room, I’ll have it all in one place, but seperate too!”

I think I need help…I’m so unfocused FLYLADY can’t even help me right now! There just isn’t enough time to do everything.

I may have to give up my 10-hour days at work to have more time to get shit done at home…that way, I can maybe re-focus again…

I’d say, I need a vacation, just to get stuff done at home, but that never works either. Of course, I’ve never really HAD a vacation at home…more like a day off here, a day off there…and usually, those are for sick days or some other stupid shit.

Time to lob a grenade and walk away…


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