Boy Do I Have a LIST

My friend, M, said that I don’t post enough on here, so I’m going to post CRAP! (Oh, and Happy Birthday to C, M’s wife! 🙂

Just kidding…sorta

I’m going to post my list of things I’d like to get done around the house. Maybe if I have it in ONE spot, I won’t keep forgetting what I want to get done…

So, here goes (I will expand on topics later, if needed)…

• Mulch gardens
• Weed gardens (hopefully just a weekly thing)
• Expand driveway (may not be able to do this for a few years)
• Seal driveway
• Plant some pretty flowers
• New fencing (maybe next year?)

Front Yard:
• Trim bushes

Side Yard:
• Weed side garden (BIG JOB)

Back Yard:
• Clear out space behind the shed (‘nuther BIG JOB)
• Plant a vegetable garden
• Deck out back (again, few years from now)


• Caulk windows
• Cut door
• Paint door
• Replace door knob

Craft Area
• Pack up craft area
• Purge craft area
• Clean craft area
• Move Granemo
• Disassemble craft desk (redesign?)
• Move to Jake’s old room

Play Room
• Get rid of bed
• Hang curtains or panels to create privacy for back
• Clean/purge playroom

Utility Room
• Clean/purge utility room
• New laundry organizer

First Floor:

Living Room
• Paint
• Caulk windows
• Frame windows?
• Hang pictures
• Clean floor

Dining Room
• Clean Floor
• Hang pictures
• Take down PB Panels
• Make tablecloth
• New table/chairs?

• Move outlets
• Move light switch
• Move pantry
• Take down gingerbread
• Replace light
• Move base cabinet
• Cut countertop
• Move fridge
• Paint windows
• Frame windows
• New backdoor?
• Replace ¼ round
• Fix threshold
• Hang pictures
• Hang 2 cabinets
• Buy Varde base cabinet?
• Hang PB panels?

• New floor?
• New vanity
• New medicine cabinet
• Paint door
• Move glass cabinet
• New wrought iron accessories

Inny’s Room
• Clean/purge corners
• Toss rug
• Toss night stand
• New night stand
• Move bed
• Move closets
• Hang pictures
• Hang new curtains
• Paint?
• Paint/caulk windows

• Clean/purge/organize
• Paint doors
• Replace door knobs
• Remove pipe
• New shelves?

Second Floor:

Jacob’s Room
• Disassemble bed
• Disassemble dresser
• Empty bookcase
• Empty wardrobe
• Empty closet
• Paint walls
• Paint windows
• Paint baseboards
• Paint doors
• Replace door knobs
• Clean floor
• Move all items to craft room
• Clean/purge/organize

• New vanity
• New medicine cabinet
• Paint door
• Replace door knob
• Repair walls by tub
• Paint
• New shower curtain rod
• Hang soap/shampoo dispenser

• Paint door
• Replace door knob
• Clean/purge/organize

My Room
• Paint last door
• Replace last door knob
• Re-secure curtain rods
• Paint closets
• Paint window in large closet
• New curtain rod for large closet window
• Clean/purge/organize


Comments on: "Boy Do I Have a LIST" (2)

  1. You can call us by name, btw…We won’t be offended 😉

  2. LOL

    My entries also post to Facebook, so wanted to give you both some anonymity. 😉

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