Busy Day


Yesterday was action-packed!

I worked until 2:30, then ran to my chiropractic appointment. My shoulder/arm/neck are feeling much better, but still sore.

Straight from the chiropractor, I ran to Peanut’s school so I could have my teacher conference.

His teacher is wonderful and it was a very positive conference. She only noted that he needs to slow down and check his work (actually, they ALL do). She also mentioned how helpful and sweet he is. Of course, this was wonderful to hear. I did mention that one of his bestest friends will be leaving at the end of the month and she said she knew. I told her Peanut will probably be quite upset when she leaves. Hoepfully, between the two of us, we can help him through this. I’m hoping it won’t be extremely difficult, but I just don’t know. He and A have been friends since kindergarten and now she’s moving away 😦

Mrs. V (his teacher) told me a cute story about the two of them. They are such good friends that they were getting teased that they were boyfriend-girlfriend. She said the two of them stood up in the front of the classroom and very maturely told everyone that they were just VERY good friends and had been for a long time. Amazingly, the teasing stopped. They didn’t have to scream, cry or yell. Just calmly laid out the facts.

I love those kids!!!

Anyway, got P’s report card:

Math: B- (up from a C+) – SO happy!!!!
Reading: B+ (down from an A- for forgetting his reading log)
Oral/Written Language: B (consistent)
Science: A- (up from a B+) – SO happy about this!
Social Studies: A- (up from a B-) – A WHOLE GRADE HIGHER!!!!
Art: B+ (consistent)
Music: A+ (consistent)
Healthy: A (up from A-)
Phys. Ed.: A+ (consistent)

I’m VERY proud of him for his report card and good conference. He gets $7 total for the great report ($1 per A and $0.50 per B).

A few hours after the conference, we got our new kitty, Tiger. He is just too cute! He looks so tiny and furry (long hair). We were taken from the first second!

The older kitties are NOT amused. LOL

Even Flash, the youngest, is NOT very happy about the new arrival. Hopefully they will all settle in quickly. I was hoping Tiger would be a good playmate for Flash. Although Flash is nearly a year old, he still runs around and plays like a kitten, which makes the older two, Bonnie (16) and Cheetah (3) quite annoyed.

After the kitten excitement was my weekly LOST fix. I’m still confused and interested. But as yet have no new crackpot theories.

After LOST we went to bed, cuddled with the kitty some more and had a meltdown. Peanut’s stuffed tiger, Baby, has a broken nose and P was beside himself. 😦

Crying and crying. I promised to fix Baby’s nose today (after I buy some super glue). And I had to make Baby tell his daddy that he wasn’t mad, that he still loved him and to promise not to cry about it anymore. Oy! The poor kid was so upset 😦

Baby is 4 years old today, so he’s obviously been VERY loved and at times mishandled. No 10 year old should feel this much guilt over a stuffed toy 😦


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