Oh yeah! Braces Update

Had an appointment yesterday.

All is well. Karen replaced the bracket that had fallen off. My bottoms are FINALLY moving and straightening out, just being stubborn (don’t know WHERE it comes from :-p)

I mentioned that I was starting to notice a gap in my upper teeth (between my eye tooth and the molar; left side). Dr. C took a look and determined my retainer was the culprit, so I got molded and will be getting a new retainer. Probably one similar to invisalign(TM). Wonder if I will have to start over with wearing it 24/7? Guess I’ll find out next week.

Still no idea when they might finally come off, but I’m not holding my breath. I have two appointments scheduled, so that puts me out into April now :-/

I KNOW the journey will end, but good lord, I think it’s one of the longest!

No pictures anymore because you really can’t see the bottom teeth when I smile anyway.


Comments on: "Oh yeah! Braces Update" (2)

  1. Good luck

    Good luck with the braces! Dawn has started her journey , will get really started next week. Will be … interesting.

    Karen (from Our Deer Baby)

  2. Re: Good luck

    Good luck to Dawn! It will be umcomfortable, but SO worth it. And it’s WORSE if you do it as an adult, so she should bow at your feet for getting it done now. LOL

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