stolen from tiggsybabes

FOR TODAY (09/02/2009)…
Outside My Window…I have no window in this cube farm 😦
I am thinking…about all the crap I have to get done
I am thankful for…children
From the learning rooms…haven’t taken a class in eons
From the kitchen…had eggs and bacon for breakfast
I am wearing…black dress pants, purple striped dress shirt, black boots, glasses, jewelry and I actually did my hair and make-up
I am creating…nothing interesting
I am going…to the orthodontist today
I am reading…MRP workbook (bleh)
I am hoping… that I learn to like my job again
I am hearing…Preston & Steve on the radio
Around the house…are millions of things I have neglected to do
One of my favourite things…quiet time

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:

Monday – Meeting at work and then Cleaning at home
Tuesday – Another meeting at work and then more cleaning at home
Wednesday – Phonecon at work and then more cleaning at home (did I mention I’ve neglected to do ANYTHING for a while?)
Thursday – No meeting at work; Mommy & Jacob Night at home
Friday – Probably more MRP reading at work; party prep at home
Saturday – Jacob’s Family Birthday Party (weather permitting)
Sunday- May be rain-date for JFBP

Here is a picture thought I am sharing…

From Jacob’s ER run back in 07. He had a HUGE crush on his Nurse, Katrina. I think she made the post-surgical bleeding emergency totally worth it for him. LOL


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