15 Minutes

Peanut and I made a deal. Because his room and his playroom (and my craft area, let’s be honest) are total DISASTERS, he’s to give me 15 minutes a day to clean. He’s decided that ODD numbered days are to work in his room and EVEN for the playroom.

Last night, being and ODD number, found us in his bedroom. WHAT A MESS! I should have taken a picture before we started. Stuff was everywhere! He couldn’t even get to his dresser drawers!

Well, fast forward 15 minutes and WOW! He gave away one [almost full] black trash bag of stuff (plus the already-started-bag of clothing); a grocery bag of trash; and emptied FOUR mesh bags (two of which are part of the FlyLady declutter kit) of stuff that had been waiting to be dealt with. Mostly stuffed animals, but still. Oh, and we found the charger and two game holders for his DS!

He was a little sad about giving away some of his stuffed animals, but we agreed that it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them, just that he knows that someone out there will love them more and play with them more.


I was so proud. And get this, after his 15 minutes was up, I had to tell him to STOP. He was done. But he was SO on a roll he wanted to keep going.


I’m just so proud. 🙂 Next time, I will take a picture before we start to see if we can see progress as much as last night. I’ll DEFINITELY take a picture of the playroom before we start…doubt we’ll see such dramatic results in 15 minutes, but I’m just glad that we START!

(Oh, and per FlyLady, we only do 15 minutes Monday through Friday…weekends are FREE).


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