The Peanut and I went to see Mr. Ho Ho and his wife. I just LOVE these two…

Afterward, we stopped at my mom’s and my brother took a picture of us…

Sadly, the weekend ended with the Return of Pukey Boy…

He’s been home for two days and will be home for at least one more. took him to the doc today because he’s been complaining of a stiff neck. Add that to a high fever and vomiting, I was a tad concerned. However, we all just think he slept funny because his neck seems to be getting better.

However, his throat was red, so we had a culture done for strep. Will know tomorrow if he does, indeed, have it.

I have to go back to work because my boss is NOT an understanding human being (I’m thinking he’s a cylon…), so I won’t be able to squeeze another day at home with my Peanut. Hopefully, they won’t need me, but my aunt is to call if they do.


Comments on: "PICTURES!" (2)

  1. OMG looks like peanut is becoming a man! can’t believe how big he has gotten!

  2. I know! It blows my mind every time I look at him now and his baby pictures…where did my little one go? 😦

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