Xmas Panic

I have SO much shopping to still do!


Let’s see…

Nephew (just have to create a coupon, and we’re done!)
Family Pollyanna (have it in my Amazon cart)
Queens’ Croppers Pollyanna (gotta shop)
Peanut (have a few items, need more)
Stockings (ugh, don’t even ask)
Neighbor N (have 2 things, still need a bday present)
Neighbor K (have 2 things)
Nurse’s granddaughter
Friend’s son, A
The Runner (although, she’s mostly done)
The Crafty One (I need help for her)
The Spider Whisperer (need help)
Peanut’s school buddy (need to talk to Peanut)

Gonna run to Target at lunch to see what I can pick up. Then I will check out at Amazon. 😉


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