The Week in Review


Picked up my mom to come for a visit. The Peanut and I rode down and stole her from my brother. 🙂


The Peanut had a Soccer Tournament. His team came in 3rd overall. I think they were gyped because they were UNDEFEATED going into the final round and then the hosting club changed the rules (convenient that they were the team we were playing) and wound up beating us in overtime.

Regardless, the kids were quite happy to walk away with medals, so all was well.

Afterward, he went to his dad’s for the weekend and my mom and I did some shopping.

Then we both CRASHED until about 8. LOL


My mom and I slept in and then went grocery shopping for the week. WE finished about an hour before we needed to pick up The Peanut. We picked him up, went home, had dinner and got ready for bed.


I went to work and the Peanut went to school. I left work at 11:45 because I had an orthopedist appointment for 1:15. Was getting checked out because of my fall from a few weeks ago (aggrevated my neck/shoulder). Well, while in the parking lot, I slammed my damn finger in teh car door. Holy Shit that hurt!

Peanut was with me and kept asking if there was blood and if he could kiss it. It hurt so bad that it took all I had not to pass out, puke and cry.

Thankfully, if you’re going to mutilate a finger, the parking lot of an orthopedist is the perfect spot to do it. :-/

No broken bones (my neck/shoulder and finger). Take 3 Advil, 3 times per day, for a week.

Once done there, we RAN to Peanut’s doctor’s appointment. Just a normal, yearly check-up for him and to get his flu shot.

I also asked Dr. Huff about his flat feet (and the pain in them) and his headaches. Walked away with a referral for a CHOP orthopedist and a scrip for an MRI of his brain. Hopefully, the MRI will just reveal what we think…migraines. Migraines SUCK, but they are SO much better than a tumor.

After those scrips, Peanut got his flu shot and a Hep A shot. The boy did NOT scream/cry!!! First time in NINE YEARS! We were both so happy, he ran up to the nurse and gave her a hug. 🙂 She was so happy. Apparently she was having a crappy day and that made her day. 🙂

We ran home, had dinner and then went to his last soccer game. They lost, but they had a great time. 🙂


Nothing major. Just the normal school/work routine and then cooking dinner. My mom helped me make chicken & dumplings. Very yummy. 🙂


Again, normal routine, but we had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. My mom shared her secret ingredient with Peanut (I already knew it) for her meatballs. He was quite excited that he knew what it was and that he got to help. 🙂

After dinner my mom and I rearranged my living room. I wound up bringing the TV stand BACK into the living room and put the big TV in there. We’ve gotten quite a few compliments on the design of the room, so that’s good. I still have THIS to move to the basement (because that’s where we do most of our TV viewing).


My mom made SERIOUS food yesterday. Hamburger in Milk Gravy, Hamburger in Brown Gravy and Chicken & Rice Soup. She’s the only person I know who goes for a “visit” and cooks the whole damn time. LOL

After dinner, I rearranged Peanut’s room. First, I moved THIS, filled with THESE out, to the basement. It’s going to be used at a TV stand. Then, I took his bed apart and moved it. Moved the dresser with the mirror to another wall and shuffled CRAP around his room.

I still need to move his old wardrobe (IKEA no longer carries this, so can’t show a pic) and THIS from the basement to his room. The drafting table will be easy to move, I will need help with the wardrobe.

Then I get to start moving the basement around! Calm down! I’m only moving the furniture around on one side. And only ONE piece is heavy enough that I will need help…maybe :-p


The Peanut is going to a carnival with one of his friends. I have no idea what my mom would like to do, but let’s hope we can do something as she’d like to go home tomorrow, her birthday.

And there you have it, my entirely uninteresting week. :-p


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  1. From: Sandra Krauss…Ger’s Wife….RE: TWILIGHT….


    “Even if they’re nervous about admitting it publicly, Summit thinks they’ve got a hit on their hands. They’ve already got Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg at work on the sequel. Expect to see a New Moon rising.”

  2. Re: From: Sandra Krauss…Ger's Wife….RE: TWILIGHT….


    The entire saga was SO good!

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