10 on Tuesday


1. Went to orthopedist yesterday. My fall aggrevated my pinched nerve/arthritis. 3 advil/3 times per day for a week. Joy!

2. Slammed my finger in the car door in the parking lot. OMFG

3. Peanut went to the doc. Regular check up stuff. Got flu shot and Hep A. NO SCREAMING! 1st time in NINE years.

4. Peanut has to see an orthopedist about his flat feet.

5. Has to have an MRI to rule out tumors (headaches).

6. Peanut came in 3rd place at his soccer tournament on Saturday.

7. My mom is visiting. We havin fun 🙂

8. I’m going to rearrange furniture again.

9. Started reading Brisingr yesterday.

10. I’m ready for medical issues to stop. Seriously.


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