My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
DragonWillow goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as witch.
chaosdancer gives you 10 dark blue mint-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
fleetwoodmaclb tricks you! You lose 9 pieces of candy!
lifes_rain gives you 15 purple pineapple-flavoured gumdrops.
mistress_rain gives you 13 dark blue lemon-flavoured gummy bats.
nizzynizz tricks you! You get a rotten egg.
perfectketchup gives you 7 light yellow root beer-flavoured gummy bats.
rapha tricks you! You lose 20 pieces of candy!
skyth gives you 19 red cherry-flavoured pieces of taffy.
slkwrx gives you 10 light blue strawberry-flavoured pieces of taffy.
tiggsybabes gives you 8 light orange chocolate-flavoured gumdrops.
DragonWillow ends up with 53 pieces of candy, and a rotten egg.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

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