Was asked by The Creative One how I was doing with my list, so I decided to check…

Personal & Lifestyle

1 Cook a new recipe once a week for 2 months
2 Have weekend ALONE in my own home
3 Go to Ireland
4 Wear makeup daily
5 Get up with enough time to do #4
6 Cleanse, tone & moisturise twice a day for a fortnight
7 Go to Frau’s EVERY Friday
8 Post birthday cards on time
9 Find and practice centering ritual
10 Volunteer regularly at school
11 Study something & actually finish it!
12 Spend more time with friends
13 INITIATE time with friends
14 Write more letters
15 Finish Jacob’s baby album
16 Play my flute again
17 Make smaller albums for gifts
18 Clean and Maintain retainers – I’ve actually been doing REALLY well with this
19 Buy clothes that fit, not the sizes I wish did
20 Journal my progress with 101 in 1001
21 List 100 things that make me happy
22 Maintain a good (for me) hairstyle
23 Do something nice for a friend
24 Grow my own herbs
25 Plant a vegetable garden
26 Actually USE the BBQ grill – did this two Fridays ago! Hope to use it every Friday until it’s too cold or I run out of gas 😉
27 Cut down on TV time
28 Go OUTSIDE more often
29 Set up an altar
30 Cull my shoes
31 Cull my clothes
32 Sage stick the house
33 Bless the house
34 Read 20 new authors – I’ve read 2 so far!
35 Meet up with an internet friend
36 Go GREEN with cleaning supplies
37 Scrub and disinfect litter boxes weekly
38 Calculate our carbon footprint & reduce it
39 Schedule regular me time
40 Take pride in my appearance
41 Cultivate my friends & make them feel special
42 Find something to like about myself
43 Refind my work ethic
44 Ride my bike for errands
45 Change [heater/AC] filter monthly for six months – I changed it for September!

Health & Fitness

46 Continue with 100 situps/crunches per night – this died a horrible death while in FL for work 😦 Need to ressurect…
46 Add a new exercise each month
47 Cut down on sweets/junk
48 Meal plan properly – planned for two weeks in September, need to plan for the next two
49 Find a therapist
50 Lose 10 lbs
51 See a chiropractor
52 Go for a walk every day
53 Try yoga
54 Floss my teeth twice a day (without fail!) for 1 month
55 Drink 1 glass of water every day for a month
56 Get better sleep


57 Save $10 a week
58 List my debts
59 Make a debt repayment plan
60 Create a budget
61 NEVER bounce a check again
62 Stick to a budget for 2 months


63 Be more patient with Jacob
64 STICK to routines for 2 months
65 Be more helpful and supportive with Jacob’s school/homework
66 Practice soccer/lacrosse with Jacob regularly
67 Make an advent calendar WITH Jacob
68 Call Mom more often
69 Read to Jacob every night
70 Have a Mommy & Jacob night every week
71 Eat as a family every night – have done this for two weeks so far (except last night…dining room table was COVERED with crap)
72 Have Jacob help with meal preparation
73 Be more organized with Jacob’s activities
74 Adopt a family at holidays
75 Encourage outside play for Jacob
76 Plan a “field trip” once per month
77 Institute “Job Jar”
78 Cook at least 4 nights per week – been doing that! Go me!

Home Life

79 Organize my craft area
80 Organize my bedroom – In progress
81 Redecorate the downstairs bathroom
82 Declutter our bedrooms
83 Paint living room
84 Stick with FLYLADY for 2 months
85 Paint my bedroom And it’s “beautimous”!
86 Paint dressers for dining room buffet – again, go me!
87 Frame our photos & put them on the walls
88 Declutter 101 possessions
89 Decorate the stairs
90 Make a Goodwill trip every SAT for 2 months
91 Do a 27-Fling Boogie every day for 2 months
92 Clean out front gardens
93 Landscape the back yard
94 Weed the gardens every night for 2 months (weather permitting)
95 Clean/Organize the shed
96 Finish the kitchen!!!
97 Find (or make) curtains for the kitchen
98 Do a Weekly Home Blessing every week for the 1001 days
99 Decorate for each holiday
100 Put aside $2 for each task completed & treat myself to something at the end of 1001 days
101 Write a new list

Not too bad…got 5 things accomplished. Guess that means I owe myself $10. hmmmm what to do, what to do?


My 101 in 1001 ends May 12, 2010


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