My latest project

No, I’m NOT completely done with the kitchen yet, but everything I have left (minus two things) I need help to finish. *sigh*

So, I jump to the next project!

I have oddly shaped bedrooms on the 2nd floor. I have a 50-year old Cape Cod. It’s officially labeled 1.5 stories, but I have a full second floor. 2 bedrooms, full bathroom and linen closet. It’s not huge, but I love my house!

Anyway, the previous owners had a penchant for “tone on tone” painting. Jacob’s bedroom was a sage green with darker sage trim. *gag*

My bedroom was lavender with darker lavendar trim. *double gag*

I can handle the lavender walls (or sage walls), but the darker trim??? WTF? How do you tie the whole house together?

I love color. Love, love, love it! Hell, I painted my kitchen RED for crying out loud!

My dining room is lavender.

The basement is yellow.

The downstairs bathroom is navy blue and yellow (half previous owner color and half left-over basement).


I had really started on my bedroom last year. After a near disastrous “walk-in” incident, I realized my bedroom door doesn’t lock. So, I took the door down, sanded off the offensive purple paint and fixed the door with a new knob (one that locks!). It looked so good that I bounced to door #2 (my little closet). Again, looked fabulous! (BTW, both are just painted white and have a brass, lever doorknob). And then, my energy died there. One more door to paint and all the windows and trim. *sigh*

See, I REALLY am horrible with follow through.

FF to last Saturday. I finally decided I’d had enough. WEnt out and got the paint and spent the day painting my room. I went from lavender with purple trim to rose with white trim.

VERY nice. And soothing. I can sleep in there. The room feels and looks warmer.

I didn’t finish (as is typical for me), but not because I was bored. It was because I have a giant wardrobe on one wall and no place to move it to paint behind it. *sigh* I’m hoping to move it this weekend so I can finish painting the last wall and bit of trim. I still have the large closet door to strip, paint and “re-knob”, but that’s easy compared to the damn wardrobe.

I think I will be smart and take it apart to move it (it’s being moved downstairs…no yelling, at least gravity is working WITH me for this furniture move…you can yell at me when I move the two dressers from Inny’s room to the upstairs :-p)

Ugh, I also have to clean and re-organize. BUT, I will be SO much happier (and calmer) when I get it all done. 🙂

SOMEDAY my entire house will be exactly the way I want/need it. 🙂

I will post pictures soon. I just want my room to be neat and clean before I post pictures of it!


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