I’ve been trying to decide whether to join my local Y again or not.

I SO need to exercise and this Y is convenient. I could WALK to it, therefore getting exercise in the process.

However, I know me. I have trouble making myself go if I go by myself. It’s nice to have someone to chat with while on the treadmill or the bike. BUT I always feel like people are looking at me if I’m there alone. WHY they would be looking at me, I have no idea, but I still feel like I’m “on disply” when I’m there. And to compound matters, I sweat and turn BRIGHT RED when I exercise.

Real attractive.


I hate to sweat. I hate being the “center of attention” (when I’m not familiar with my surroundings or the people in those surroundings).

And I can SO talk myself out of going.

But I NEED to do something. I want to ride my bike, but again, to me, that’s a social exercise. And I hate biking without having some place to go.


I hate the whole “exercise and be healthy” decisions.

Too much frelling work!


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