Ok, FINALLY a side-by-side comparison of the Brace Adventure

*** BEFORE ******************************** AFTER ***

I really hate that I can’t arrange these the way I want to on here.

Final count?

Braces were on for:

2 years
10 months
2 days

And sadly, I gained about 20 pounds in that time. Hopefully I can lose it all (and more!) before the bottoms come off! 😉

The countdown continues for the bottoms…

Thanks for sharing this adventure with me! 🙂


Comments on: "Side-by-Side" (10)

  1. Anonymous said:

    You ROCK!
    That is a LONG time to endure braces, but the endresult does look quite awesome,
    Karen (

  2. Wow! My crooked teeth are envious 🙂

  3. Thank you!!! 🙂 I don’t necessarily recommend getting braces as an adult, but if your teeth bother you, go for it! I’m SO glad I did. And I’m kinda glad I waited until my son would need them too. We kinda share the adventure. I’m pretty much done and he’s starting, but at least I’m a tad more sympathetic than I probably would have been! :-p

  4. Re: You ROCK!
    Thank you!!!!! 🙂
    I can’t wait for the bottoms to come off, but I am SO glad I did it.

  5. My dentist refused anyway as I asked him at my last check up.

  6. Seriously!?? That stinks! 😦

  7. Mine are apparently past redemption :/

  8. Anonymous said:

    Talk to an orthodontist. They work wonders. I haven’t heard of one say teeth are beyond help. They show you extreme pics of people with really messed up teeth. Teeth that are totally in the wrong spots, twisted the wrong way, etc.

  9. Looking GOOD, mama!

  10. Thank you! 😀

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