Jacob broke his wrist. AGAIN.

Barely 14 months since the last time.

He was playing dodgeball at playground camp and a kid on the other team got mad that his team lost. wound up and flung the ball at the closest thing too him. Sadly, that was Jacob. :-/

The ball nailed him square in the wrist.

He called me at work, in tears, telling me that he hurt his wrist. But then, sobered up and told me that he thinks it’s just a bad sprain and could he PLEASE stay at camp??

Stupidly, I let him. The camp counselor had gotten him a large bag of ice and he felt fine.

Well, the dork played dodgeball AGAIN and this time, his legs were taken out from under him and he fell. ON HIS RIGHT SIDE and used his hand to break his fall.


Save the inital hit, he had NO PAIN.


He went home and played with the kids outside. Just legos, but he was playing.

My neighbor texted me to tell me that his wrist looked swollen (thank goodness SOMEONE has some sense…Inny said it looked fine and I believed Jake when he said it didn’t hurt).

I took him to the ER because I was sure nothing was wrong, but wanted to be sure (I said the same thing to myself LAST year *sigh*).


“Crumple fracture” of the right distal radius. Pretty much in the same spot as last year and VERY CLOSE to the growth plate.

What is it with this kid and that wrist?!?!

He still has no pain and they only gave him a short cast this time (last year they casted him to his shoulder).

He has to go back in 10 days (8 JUL) to have it xrayed again to be sure it’s healing properly.

Problem is, he goes to his dad’s on Wednesday (2 JUL). Daddy was more concerned that they were supposed to go to Hershey Park that day than the fact that Jacob has to be back for a doctor’s appointment.

I swear, that waste-of-skin is SO selfish. It’s not like Jake broke the wrist on purpose (he whined about all the plans they couldn’t do now because Jake can’t get his arm wet) and it’s not like I made the appointment with the sole purpose of interrupting their week. Life happens. Deal with it.

I do.



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