Bye Bye Blackie

Blackie is going away today.

He attacked Jacob last night.

REALLY attacked.


Little fucker.

Jacob has two claw marks on his face (left side of mouth); four claw marks on his chest and 4 bite marks and 4 claw marks on his arm. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Jacob wail like that before.

(picture is from my cell phone, so quality blows)

Jake was on his bed, playing his DS. The piece of shit cat just ran into his room, jumped on his bed and then jumped on Jake.

This cat is 20 pounds and basically wrapped himself around the upper left side of Jacob.

The cat is lucky my first instincts were to tend to my child and not rip his fucking head off.

As soon as Jacob was bandaged, the cat got thrown outside. He will NOT be let back in.

And after work today, he will be going to the pound.

We both had a good cry that Blackie was going away and more than likely will be put to sleep, but I can not and will not let him do that to anyone else. I should have booted his ass out after he attacked ME like that.

But because I was too soft-hearted, he attacked my baby. NOT ACCEPTABLE. And I’m dripping in guilt *sigh*

I’m sorry, Blackie. I think you had great potential to be a loving kitty, but you continually “bit the hand that fed you”.



Comments on: "Bye Bye Blackie" (6)

  1. Poor Jake :/ I was inimpressed after our now dead cat attacked Kate unprovoked.

  2. so sorry to hear about jacobs attack. hope this will not change the way he feels about cats!

  3. I wish I knew where the “psycho” gene came from…damn cats 😦

  4. Thanks. I don’t think it will, considering we have 2.5 others! (we just got a kitten for my aunt…I am SO out of my mind!)

  5. Btw, my fiance says that he probably should see a doctor because cat bites can go septic really easily.

  6. ah shit
    Thank you.
    how you been??? how’s the new house?

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