Disturbing Dream

I had a dream that Jacob and I were in a room together. The room was more like a dorm room, but had a hospital bed in it, a futon (in front of a closet), a window, a TV stand (no TV), a door (but the door didn’t go all the way to the floor) and a small (linen) closet.

Before the scary part of the dream, there were two girls outside the door, sitting on the floor talking. I had been laying on the bed like I had fallen asleep or had been unconscious and Jacob was coming back from the door with a bottle of water in his hands. He never took a sip, but I don’t remember telling him not to. Jacob was smiling (because he had found water) but was scared.

I thought it was odd that we could see the girls under the door, but they weren’t talking to us and we didn’t talk to them. It kinda reminded me of some sort of study group.

We were being held there for some sort of experimentation. I’m still not sure what.

All I remember is a woman came in and sat on the futon and started talking to us. Presumably telling us what was going to happen, but I don’t remember a word she said. I just remember attacking her and choking her. I wanted to get Jacob and I out of there. While I was doing that, some sort of orderly came in and started taking things out of the little closet. AUTOPSY tools.

I just remember Jacob’s face being FULL of fear…so scared he grabbed a pearing knife (don’t know WHERE it came from) and slashing at the guy.

He [the orderly] had the hand saw that coroners use. He didn’t threaten Jacob with it, but it was in his hand and he was egging Jacob on. “Free shot” “C’mon, do it”

I grabbed the damn saw and stabbed HIM with it and then the lady. Then, I used it to saw through the door and start running. (still don’t know how you can stab someone with a saw, but anyway…)

Again, the door didn’t go all the way to the floor. I don’t know why we didn’t just crawl under it (it left like a 2 foot gap between the bottom of the door and the floor). But while cutting through the door, there was some sort of pole going thru the door (horizontally) into the latch. I remember sawing thru that too.

Then we were off. RUNNING down the hallways. Still carrying the saw and the knife. The hallways were brightly lit, but very run down. I remember a huge burn mark in the rug at one corner. And I remember that there were windows to see outside. The streets were run down and empty (and looked cold).

I woke up before we actually went around the corner, but WTF?!?!

Obviously, I couldn’t fall back to sleep after that and it was quite early (before 4 am).

Most of the interpretations I can find say that I’m running from some sort of fear, not taking responsibility for my actions and big changes are on the horizon (not all good either).

They also suggested that I might need to take a little vacation from stress.

Holy crap!

This dream is REALLY bugging me. And even though I was VERY tired and wanted to go back to sleep, every time I closed my eyes the dream would start where it had stopped. No amount of trying to think of something else would help.

I seriously hate disturbing dreams like that!


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