Kitchen Goodness

I didn’t get nearly as much done this weekend as I’d had planned. 😦

However, I DID do something that I don’t remember ever doing before. And I’m a tad embarassed by it.

I have a tendency to get obsessed about what I’m working on. But never to this extent.

I forgot to eat.

Yeah, you read that right, “I forgot to eat.”

Now, since starting my little [ENDLESS!] project, I’ve lost approximately 10 pounds. I am SO not complaining. However, when you’re hypoglycemic and apparently anemic, forgetting to eat is bad. And if someone hadn’t asked me if I’d eaten that day, I don’t think I’d have even noticed.

THAT is bad.

However, my sugar levels stayed pretty constant. Must not have over-heated any while working…(being hot usually sets off a BAD hypo reaction)…

But, needless to say, I had a nice night off on Friday and hung out with the Queen’s Croppers and did LOTS of giggling (those strawberry “tarts” were quite entertaining LOL)…

Saturday started back to the grind. I got the new valves installed on my hot and cold water pipes. THAT was such a pain in the ass. AND WHY do I even bother to ask for help at Home Depot? The effers gave me the wrong sized Tee TWICE! THEY are retarded…I know what I’m doing thankyouverymuch!

Anyway, I have such great friends! Nizzy came over on Saturday and helped me get the last counter top out and on it’s new home AND the dishwasher! I couldn’t hook anything up yet because I was afraid to cut the countertop.

After giving up and beign frustrated, we went out for a little retail therapy. 🙂 Always good for lightening one’s moood…even if I DO hate shopping.

Sadly, while we were shopping, my psycho cat attacked my aunt and scratched her lip. We came home to a rather upset woman with a hell of a fat lip.


Know any place I can take the little f*cker? [The cat, not my aunt ;-)] I don’t want him destroyed, but he can’t stay with me any longer. It’s REALLY bad that he got my aunt, but what if he’d gotten one of the kids???

Then we played around on the computer for a bit (looking at clips of Jeff Dunham and his menagerie of puppets) and clips of Spamalot. Oh, and pictures of Jon-Erik Hexum *drool*


Sunday I put on the “big girl panties” and layed out my sink on the countertop and prepared to cut away. And my %^*$&#*% drill battery died 1/4 of the way through the first hole.

I am SO not impressed.

I gave up on THAT project and rather than scrap the day, I used the opportunity to finish my floor. I edged all the exposed flooring and put down new threshold. I only buggered one bit and if it bugs me too much, I’ll redo it, but for now, I don’t give a shit. It’s done and looks great!

I’m at work today [boo!]. I will have to run out to the shop again today and hope I can get a couple of hole saws to aid in the installation of my faucet and taps. I don’t think my paddle bit is going to cut it (no pun intended) and I’m afraid it would ruin my counter top.

I also need to hit IKEA and try to order a small piece of counter top to fit between the stove and the sink piece. It’s like a whopping 9 inches that I need, but I just don’t have it.

I also need to see if they sell a “finishing piece” to use to cover the side of my dishwasher. If not, I will just cut the piece that they gave me to use on the other side of my fridge. I decided I don’t want it, so I may as well put it to good use, right?

I’m coming up on the “fine finishing” part of my project. The part that where I totally suck. I hate the “fine finishing”. THAT is more time consuming than the project itself! I still have to take the gingerbread down over my sink and put up the new light. I also need to put up the new ceiling fan and connect the power for the dishwasher.

I hate electricity! *whine*

I’m SO ready to pass this shit off to someone else to do. Sadly, there IS no one else. *whines more* Maybe if the sun comes out I’ll feel better about working on the kitchen. Rain just makes me VERY sleepy…

Of course, once the sun comes out, I’ll have to start working OUTSIDE…like mowing the lawn and doing some landscaping. I discovered flowers on the side of my house that I didn’t even know were there!

Sad, very sad…

Oh, and I will mention that I fell HARD while working yesterday. I’m still nto sure how I did it, but I fell into the corner between the two doorways (hallway and dining room). I somehow got my foot caught on the pallete that the dishwasher was on.

I still don’t know how I didn’t kill myself, because I hit the corner before ANYTHING hit the floor.

Needless to say, I hurt and I have “boo boo’s”.

MAYBE I’ll call the doctor about the fall…we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

Today, is bad.

Tomorrow may be better and then I don’t have to call! 😀

Shut up.


Comments on: "Kitchen Goodness" (2)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Can’t ya just get him declawed? That’ll solve your problem. lol Sounds odd that the cat would do that unprovoked.

  2. Re: cat
    The cat is psycho. Since he was about a year old he would just flip out, out of nowhere, and attack the closest person to him. It took me months and visual confirmation to believe my son when he told me Blackie jumped on him for no reason.
    We were getting ready for bed one night and the cat charged into my room and jumped on the back of Jacob’s head and bit him! I nearly killed the effin thing!

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