More Kitchen Goodness

I didn’t do much at all last night.

Jacob and I ran to the orthodontist immediately after school. Believe it or not, we were home by 4:30 (his appt was at 3:45) and that was with them having a quick look at ME too and changing my stained ties up top! I love that office!

We stopped for dinner on the way home and after I’d eaten, I hit the kitchen. Only put three cabinet door handles on because they were the only ones (installed) left.

Took it pretty easy because I was having more dizzy spells. My ENG that was scheduled for yesterday, got postponed because their equipment was down. Guess that’s a good thing, but I just want the damn dizzies to go away!

Dizzy Blonde. UGH…how cruel is that?!!

Anyway, I “plan” (there’s that word again!) to do the plumbing for my sink tomorrow. Have to hit Home Depot or Lowes to get the remainder of the supplies I need. I’m SERIOUSLY hoping I get it right on the first try. I mean, I REALLY don’t want to clean up *that* mess.

IF that goes well, I will put the sink cabinet in and start to install the last countertop. I will have to do the cutting in the damn kitchen because it’s supposed to rain all week and the jigsaw I have is corded.

So, let’s see…

* sink plumbing
* sink cabinet
* measure and cut countertop
* measure and cut opening for sink
* installl countertop
* install sink
* install dishwasher
* install lazy Susan
* install remaining cabinet doors
* install remaining hardware

Seems relatively easy, when you look at the list, but OY…I’m so dreading these items…

Wish me luck!!!


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