I wasn’t planning on doing a whole hell of a lot last night, but you all remember me and my love/hate relationship with plans, right?

So, I “planned” to take it easy and just do drawer pulls. Nothing too complicated, and it would still look like progress was being made.

Well, it really was pretty simple, but would have been MUCH simpler if I could have had a ready-made template for the damned things! No big, get one or two layed out and use them as templates for the rest, right?


So, using the one drawer as a guide, I wound up putting pulls on 6 drawers and one cabinet door.

Didn’t take me as long as I’d expected, so I decided to clean up the kitchen a bit.

THAT still didn’t take “long enough” so I decided to just put the counter top, cardboard and all, up on the drawer units, just to see how it would look and to have a little work space.

Well, THAT wasn’t good enough either. SO, after Nat and I put the counter top up, we ripped off the cardboard and set it into place.

OOHH! Did it look pretty!

So, I pulled all the drawers out and screwed that sucker down.

Now, I have a wicked cool counter top and it REALLY looks like I did something yesterday!

Go me!

Now, I somehow frogged my ankle while doing all this, so I’ve been babying it and walking like a dork. Please explain to me how you frell up an ankle while drilling holes and installing drawer pulls???

Only *I* can find new and interesting ways to injure myself while screwing around in the kitchen.

Um, that didn’t come out right…

Anyway, the “plan” for tonight is to seal and install the sink cabinet. I guess this means I have to frell with the plumbing a bit too (installing new valves – OY!). But once that cabinet is in place, I can secure it to the corner base cabinet and then begin to layout the template for the sink so I can cut that counter top (is anyone else getting dizzy?).

I see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Woo Hoo!!!!!

Oh! and I got caught for the first time. Nat hadn’t caught me dancing, yet, but she caught me singing. I’d forgotten that I’d opened the kitchen window and while I was working, I was wailing away to my mp3 player. Little did I know she was sitting on her back porch at the time.

She later caught me doing my victory dance after we got the counter top on.




Comments on: "Oh Yes! We have counters!!!" (4)

  1. Anonymous said:

    counter tops
    GO YOU !!!! They look beautiful and I’m so jealous I had to paint my living room and bedroom this past week. Thanks for the virtul kick in the butt. JoJo

  2. Re: counter tops
    Glad I could help you out there :-p
    What colors did you paint?!

  3. Anonymous said:

    Re: counter tops
    “friendly yellow” in the living room, and sage green (“shagreen”) in the bedroom. LOVE it. Feels so warm and happy to be surrounded by color again šŸ™‚

  4. Re: counter tops
    I was tempted to paint my living room sage green, but that room bleeds up into the stairs and the hallway, and I didn’t want sage there LOL
    I’m glad you’re enjoying your color šŸ™‚

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