Friday Fiver

1. What have you sold?
My soul! mwahahahaha!

Just kidding

Um, I’ve sold a few cars, some baby clothes, a few pieces of jewelry that I’d made, my time, that’s all I can think of…

2. What do you want to change?

3. What does your answering machine / voice mail message say?
“Hi, you’ve reached . I can’t get to the phone right now, so please leave your name, number and brief message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Have a great day. Bye!” or something pretty close to that…

4. Where did you go to school?
a big brick building

Avon Grove High School
Drexel University

5. Friday fill-in:
If you’d like to reach me,
extend your hand/arm in my “gen’ral direkshun”, call my cell, stop by the house, invade my cubicle


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