Plans (again)

Again, I have plans.

Again, not ALL go AS planned.

Figures :-/

It is my birthday weekend. YAY!

I had plans to have company. YAY!

Mother Nature says “You will NOT have company!” BOO!

However, Mother Nature can’t stop me from working on my kitchen and getting it closer to finished. So, there! :-p

I “plan” to remove the last cabinet (the sink!) and then prep and paint the last wall.

I also “plan” to touch-up any paint from the other walls that just didn’t go on evenly.

Then, I “plan” to start the friggin floor. I’d like to FINISH the floor, but see earlier bit about plans not always working as planned.

IF I get the floor finished, I “plan” to start putting appliances back into the kitchen and assembling cabinets.

I’m a bit concerned about connecting the plumbing and the electrical, but I’m reasonably confident that *I* can do it.

Now, the dabate…do I try to call my brother TONITE to ask him to come up and help, or do I wait until later?

I will be dropping Jake off with his dad tonite and after doing a few shopping errands, hope to at least disconnect the plumbing on the sink cabinet. I’d really like to get that ALL done tonite, but I’m not that stupid.

Actually, I’d LOVE to get all the painting done tonite, but I KNOW that’s a pipe dream (since said sink cabinet must disappear before I can paint).

Anyway, my REAL “plan” is to just have siginificant progress in the kitchen. Because the resulting chaos is driving me bat shit.


Comments on: "Plans (again)" (7)

  1. Happy Nearly Birthday, babes 🙂

  2. Happy Nearly Birthday, babes 🙂

  3. Thank you very much! 🙂

  4. OMG!
    sorry i missed your b-day! hope you had a wonderful weekend! hows you kitchen????

  5. Re: OMG!
    Oh, thank you! I had a very good weekend. 🙂
    My kitchen is SO close to being done! All the painting is done (except touch-ups), the floor is down and I’ve finished installing one cabinet so far! I will update with pics later tonite!
    How are YOU doing?

  6. Re: OMG!
    things are fine! i’m so happy to see such great progress in your kitchen!

  7. Re: OMG!
    Thank you! I can’t wait until I get to show pictures of the finished project!

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