2 down, 2 to go

I’ve gotten two cabinets removed in my kitchen. And I did it MYSELF!

I’m so proud of me! 🙂

I got the first one (base cabinet) out Sunday. Took it down to the trash Monday night and by Tuesday morning it was gone. Apparently, someone had gone trash picking and took it. Cool!

I took out the 2nd one (wall cabinet) last night. I took out the screws and the stinkin thing wouldn’t budge. I wiggled and jiggled it. Still nothing. I grabbed a screw driver and tried to pry it from the ceiling. Finally it started to move. Would you believe this thing was only being held on by a measly 1/4-inch bead of caulk on ONE SIDE of it??? Strong stuff, man!

That last one is currently sitting in my back yard, awaiting the next trash day. Of course, it rained last night, and the cabinets are metal, so I’m sure it’ll be fun to put out on Thursday night. :-p

I’m glad the work is progressing, just NOT glad that it’s progressing so slowly.

But slow and steady wins the race, right?


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