Weekend Busyness

Boy was this weekend a busy one!

Jacob was grounded (still is!) so he had to stay in with me ALL weekend. WE cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned.

And the house is still a pit…in some rooms, even worse than before!


I rearranged Jacob’s room. We went thru some boxes and got rid of items. Some for donation, some for the basement and some to the trash. I moved his bed so he’s not blinded by my bedroom light or the hall light (they both shined right in his face where his bed used to be). I even hung shelves on his wall (over his bed) for him to put stuffed animals on. I’m amazed at how quickly those shelves filled! PLUS, he had a hanging “kitty condo” (i.e. “kitty jail”) that he FILLED to capacity and susequently ripped from the ceiling as it was too heavy. *sigh* I had two others to hang if he’d just been patient.

Oh well, we’ve got the rest of this week to do more.

The front of his room is still a disaster, but we’ll work our way in that direction eventually…

In my room, I put together a PAX closet unit (from IKEA). It’s beautimus and I’m SO excited to have places to actually put things. I’ve gone through my clothes and some of my stuff and we now have 5.5 bags of crap to go to Goodwill! Go me! Now, to get it into the car so I can go drop it off! The plan was to do a little every day and go every Saturday and drop stuff off. Well, obviously, that NEVER happened and took a weekend of solid cleaning to set things on.

I moved a cabinet from the basement to the 1st floor bathroom. Took the cabinet that was there out (it will eventually make it to my room as I’m turning my “walk-in closet” into a sitting room – it’s original purpose, I believe). I’ll be using it as an “end table” of sorts.

My sitting room is a disaster at the moment, but it’s got promise, so I’m happy.

The dining room is a catch all, as I’ve started filling it with everything to do the kitchen. The floor is in there, the paint, the painting accessories, the ceiling fan, as well as everything that was there to begin with!

I’m wondering when I will actually be able to start working in the kitchen. I have to remove cabinets and shut off the water, which will make the kitchen inoperable until installation is complete. I also discovered I’m going to need to borrow a saw from someone to cut my countertops. I think my neighbor has a circular saw, so I could use that for gross fittings, but will need something akin to a jigsaw (can’t remember the name) to cut out the hole for the sink.

SO much work ahead of me.

I’m out of my frelling mind!


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