Weekend Plans

Seriously, I have “plans”. And these “plans”, they involve DOING SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE. And no, I don’t mean, cleaning the basement or doing laundry. I mean, I “plan” to move some furniture out of the way and tear down the nasty effin tiles on the kitchen walls. Been meaning to do this since I bought the house.

3 years, people!

Ugly black and yellow PLASTIC tiles. I think they’ll come off rather easily. It’s the adhesive that I’m worried about. I don’t want to sand it off, but I’m afraid chipping it will pull some of the wall down too (and since it’s plaster over slats, I’m NOT looking forward to patching that, nor do I have the time, money or inclination to tear it all down and put up drywall).

Now, who wants to take bets that I’ll JUST get started and Inny will annoy the shit outta me? And that I’ll fantacize about using the chipping tool on HER?

“0-60 seconds” is already taken by me.

I also “plan” to not drive myself crazy with trying to get it all done this weekend, but still leave the room “livable”. I want down-time too. I’ve taken up cross stitching again. I’m liking it, but it really is seriously time-consuming. Great for jump-starting the creativity tho…which is something I REALLY need.

Ok, so, for the weekend:

1. Move hutch
2. Move cart
3. Take down utensils (hanging from shelf)
4. Chip down tiles
5. Use Goo Gone on the adhesive? (doubt it will work, but worth a try)….
6. Use heat gun if Goo Gone is a bust
7. Sand down walls
8. Clean up mess
9. RELAX (yeah, right)

I “plan” to paint the walls ladybug red. I LOVE color and think it will go very well with the black and stainless appliances 🙂 But I DON’T “plan” to paint this weekend. 😉


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