Blast From the Past

Last night, Jacob and I watched a movie that I loved as a kid, Monster Squad. My brother and I used to watch this movie every time it came on and quote it incessantly. Now I’ve got MY son saying things like “Bogus”, “Wolfman’s got nards!” and “My name…is Horace!” LOL

While we were watching the movie, bits and pieces of it would come back to me. I couldn’t remember much from the movie when my brother handed me the DVD, except “Wolfman’s got nards!”, but once the movie started rolling, things would come back and I’d quote something right before it happened. However, I will admit to not remembering little Phoebe saying “C’mon guys! Don’t be chickenshit!” Oh, I couldn’t stop laughing after that.

It made me think about other movies that I loved when I was younger. I’ve already shared Goonies with Jacob. “Hey you gu-uys!” But I want to share more (which was the reason Monster Squad was introduced). It took me until the morning to remember the name of another one, Little Monsters. I can’t wait to share that one. I remember laughing through that one too.

Got to think of more. It’s great to stroll down memory lane with Jacob and find he likes some of the same things I did (like Garfield!…I even had sheets for my bed!)


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