Braces Update

Jacob and I both went to the orthodontist yesterday. He to get his bottom expander, me for a regular adjustment.

Jacob did really well with the installation. He was in SERIOUS clown mode, but otherwise not too bad.

As for me, they DIDN’T come off as I’d hoped. :-/ However, they tied my uppers in a “figure 8”. That means, no more ligature tie chains. Each bracket got a single ligature tie. First time EVER on the top! Me thinks I see an end in sight!! Woo Hoo!

Bottoms were done as usual. Two outer incisors (?) were tied with wire and then the ligature ties to help them finishing turning outward. They are REALLY coming along as they both had to turn nearly 90 degrees to straighten out!

Jacob had a bit of a frustration eating dinner. We opted for pastina since we were a tad sore. Unfortunately, the pastina was too hot for him AND kept getting caught under his lower expander, so it was REALLY hot (imagine getting hot pasta stuck under your tongue). He had a bit of a meltdown (no pun intended) and I let him have ice cream for dinner. I know, bad mom! But he was crying and whining and I just wasn’t in the mood for it. He DID go back and finish his pastina…and then found potato bites and a piece of pizza. As well as some snack chips. I think he’ll be fine 😉

We’ll see how he does today. I’m usually more sore the next couple of days, so I imagine he will be too. Guess we’ll be having soup for dinner tonite 😉


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