Yeah, you read it right.

I’m gonna rearrange again.

Yep, the basement.

Shut it. I’m doing it anyway >:p

I’m putting MY area in the back of the basement so Jacob and his friends will quite trapsing through my stuff on their way to the playroom. SOME friends can’t keep their hands to themselves and since I’m usually not home at the time, I couldn’t tell you which ones. :-/

I *will* be asking for help, because there’s furniture to remove from the room, move around the room and bring INTO the room. Should be fun. Just wish I knew WHEN to do this project…and who would want the furniture I’m unloading. *sigh* So many pieces to the puzzle…

I also got a line on relatively cheap and easy flooring for my kitchen. It’s similar to Pergo in that it “snaps” together (compression fit) but it looks like TILE!! Can we say, “Oh yeah!” AND I could do it myself in a morning and OVER the mess that is my present kitchen floor! Can you see me dancing? LOL Now, to get over to Lowes and check it out, see if I like it. 🙂

I also can’t decide whether to buy the stuff for the kitchen or the basement first. I’m leaning toward kitchen, because it bugs me the most and I’d like it to be functional NOW rather than later. But I also want to be able to work in my basement NOW.

Gots lots I want to do!!!

So, who’s available to help me move furniture? And when? 😀


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