Braces Update

Had my braces adjusted yesterday.

Let’s just say “OW!”

Karen started by removing the ligature ties, upper and lower, and then removed my upper wire. She did this because one of my brackets had popped off.


She cleaned (scrapped) the epoxy off my tooth and then I waited for the orthodontist.

The orthodontist repositioned my broken bracket and Karen finished the epoxy process.

I got heavier wires on both upper and lower. Top chained 6-to-6, bottom, no chains but tied my two bottom incisors to help untie the mess. The new wire on the bottom will help to round out the jaw a bit more.

My teeth hurt from the moment the ligature ties were applied, so it should be a rather uncomfortable next few days. :-/

But I’ll be beautiful in the end, right? :-p


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