I’ve got some organization ideas for my scrapbooking…

1. A 12 x 12 paper sorter set sideways…each “cubby” holds a WIP
2. Clips on the wall that hold WIP that way it doubles as artwork

Ideas for Jacob’s room…

I really don’t mind him writing on his walls or putting stickers on the walls or hanging stuff, it’s HIS space, HIS creativity…but I do want to instill SOME rules:

1. All drawers must close (and open) easily
2. All doors must close (and open) easily
3. There must be at least ONE clear path out of his room
4. There must be at least ONE clear path to a window
5. If it doesn’t fit it goes (too small, to Goodwill; too big, to storage)
6. If it’s broken and can’t be fixed, trash

I’m thinking of “killing” my large, walk-in closet and turning it into a sitting room, where I can sit and read if I want to or maybe putz on the computer a bit…will need to seriously cull my clothes, but I think it’s do-able.

I want to separate my spending. I want to have one checking account specifically for paying bills; one for fun and have a savings account. I already have that many accounts (and more!) I will just have to use them appropriately (and divvy the funds appropriately).


Comments on: "Brainstorming" (2)

  1. We have separate accounts. We have a house one which pays the mortgage & bills, a household one that I run that buys food, clothes & day to day things (plus has my £50 a month pocket money in) we have a children’s one where the child benefit goes & that’s spent just on them, plus each of the 4 of us has a savings account. Mine is at zero, whoops! 😛

  2. Jacob has a savings account. I do not have a proper one so I need to remedy that. I need to take stock of all the accounts that I DO have and figure out how to use them effectively :-p

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