Thursday Update

Work was long and boring, not much to really update there, EXCEPT…

remember Well, doing what I was “ordered” to do, I explored other avenues of getting this signal to a system that can’t handle it.

Well, the BRANCH HEAD of another department went to bat for me, and put an end to the whole thing. In less than 2 hours people! I was quite happy and even told the guy he was now my hero. I think I want to work for him now. It looks like he would support his people.

Anyway, that was work.

Home was an “interesting” story…

Last night was Back To School Night at Jake’s school. I took Nat over with me as this would be her first time at the school and attending one of their meetings. Her son has a different teacher, but they’re still in the same grade/wing, AND we had a lovely, lovely little tour guide (our other neighbor’s oldest daughter) get us to the right area, so all was good.

Jacob’s teacher is fabulous and I’m looking forward to hearing many wonderful stories about her and the class this year.

Nat and I came home in a pretty good mood.

When we got home, I noticed the boys had made a huge mess in the back yard with some boxes and paper. No big, Nat helped me clean it all up (did I mention she’s fab?) and get it away so it wouldn’t get rained on or fly through the neighborhood.

Well, while we were out there, Jacob comes flying out pretty much yelling at me for not coming in right away. I explained we were cleaning up the mess I told the kids to earlier. Well, he came flying over to me, gave me a huge hug and started crying! I thought he’d either gotten into trouble, had a fight with N or had a fight with his dad. He kept telling me that none of that had happened, he just missed me.

Yeah, right.

I missed him too, but I’ve been gone for longer periods of time with less “fanfare” upon my return. Something was up.

Well…turns out 4 car loads of rowdy, rude little fuckers teenagers were flying around the circle, causing mayhem and terrorizing the boys. They flicked them off and were yelling out the windows.

Well, N’s step-father is a police officer. He made his presence known and had a talk with some of them, apparently. And that was the end of it. He did give lisence plate numbers and descriptions to our local police department, but he did what any good cop (and FATHER) would do, he protected his kids.

Well, Jacob was terrified. He didn’t feel safe being with Inny, because when you’re scared, you want your Mommy (or PARENT) and his wasn’t home to protect him.

When Nat and I got the whole story out of Jake and Bill we reassured our boys that they would always be protected. Nat and Bill would protect Jacob like he was theirs and I’d protect N & K like they were mine. As parents, that’s what we do. OUR community is close and as I kept telling Jacob, “We love our kids on *** Circle”. All of them. ALL those kids are mine. Maybe not biologically, but I still feel a certain responsibility in keeping them safe…and I’m positive the other parents on that street feel the same way. And I consider myself lucky to live in a neighborhood like that.

Anyway…Jacob somehow had heard that there were unruly, muderous teenagers on the loose from Minnesota and he was terrified that they were gonna be on our street and break into our house.

We had to go around the entire first floor securing all the doors and windows. I re-explained the whole alarm system and other security measures, but he still felt the need to sleep with me.

I mean, he was so freaked, he didn’t want me to take a shower because I wouldn’t be RIGHT THERE with him.

I emailed his teacher this morning to give her a head’s up because he woke up in a miserable mood. After meeting her last night and her response to my email this morning, I know my boy’s in good hands, even when he’s not on our circle 🙂

I can’t wait until HE knows it too…


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