Life UPdate

Remember this

Anyway, yesterday was a pretty darned good day.

I started with the therapy. Moved next to a vet visit. Chi-Chi is doing well, but needs to be seen again in 4 weeks. As long as he continues to improve, I’ll continue with the meds and house-arrest (even if it’s driving me batty).

I called Terminix (Tuesday night) to come out and treat for the ants. I signed up for a plan and paid for the year. I’m done with bugs and shit. Nip it in the bud and be done. They will be out on Friday.

Because ants carry germs, I had to throw out EVERYTHING that was perishable in the pantry/cabinet. *cries* Some of that stuff was relatively new, but the ants were crawling on it.

I got to keep canned goods and I kept a few things that I was relatively positive the ants couldn’t have gotten in to.

My pantry is EMPTY. I’ll do a deep clean of it after the house has been treated. I’ll even remove the friggin contact paper and patch some holes in the wallboard. Might as well do it right, right?

After the vet, my neighbor’s friend came over to do some electrical consulting for me. He discovered the problem with my front, outside outlet. It now works and I can Griswold my house for the holidays! LOL

He also mapped out how he would move my stove (220V line) when I’m ready to go. I plan on tearing down the tile that is in my kitchen, so as soon as I start that crap, I’m putting him on reserve to move the line. I might have a kitchen I actually LIKE soon! YAY!!!!

After that, I cleaned, dusted and vacuumed my living room. I did similar acts in my dining room (so I could wash my table cloth and we could actually EAT at the table again).

I did like 4-5 loads of laundry (my damn basin is overflowing again and making my basement wet grrrr).

I did dishes, SCRUBBED my sink and surrounding area. Gerry-rigged an over the sink shelf (it was too long one way, so had to rig something to be able to slide it more the other way).

Made dinner (chicken and shrimp scampi…had to borrow rice from a neighbor because that was one of the items I had to pitch *sigh*).

Chatted with Nat for quite a while. And while chatting, we weeded part of my front garden (she helped me, which was nice), swept up the driveway, and generally cleaned up the drive a bit (looks nice now).

Oh yeah, I also took the kids to and from school. They are funny creatures. LOL

We let the kids play REALLY late yesterday. Jacob and I finally went in at 8:30!!! I’m usually in the shower at that time! Thank goodness Jacob did all his homework BEFORE he went out to play.

It was a REALLY good day. I’m quite happy. I hope there are more like that. The weather was fabulous and ALL the kids (like 8 of them) got along…there were no fights and lots of fun.

Definitely a good day. đŸ™‚


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