Ortho Woes (again)


Jacob had a second (third?) appointment today. He got his blue spacers taken out and some bands put around his teeth, when they were properly fit, he had a mold taken of his mouth so they could make his appliance. After that, they put new spacers in and that was that.

We go back in a week. THAT appointment should be fun. :-/


Malumed denied telling me to “just live with it” when my doctor called to get more info. My doc told me that I could call to request further PT or get a second opinion.

I don’t understand why continued PT is such an issue. If it’s working, and it’s NOT meds, what’s the problem??? Anyway, I just called to ask Malumed for futher PT. When the nurse put me on hold, she was quite nice, but when she came back I swear the temperature dropped 10 degrees. Anyway, she said she’d ask Malumed to re-evaluate and if he decided to put in another order for PT, they’d fax it over or call me if there was a problem.

We shall see…

Part of me wishes I could miraculously be “cured” by this Friday because Bernie hurts me with the damn therapy (but it DOES help) AND it costs me $25 EVERY TIME I go…OUCH! But how do I justify giving it up for monetary reasons, if it’s working? I’m just afraid I’ll back-slide because I’ve got ship-checks and installs coming up and you have to contort yourslef into weird positions sometimes to get around to the parts you need to work on.


It’s always something, isn’t it?


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