Anna gave me B 🙂

I assume it’s 10 random things, so, here goes…

1) Beads! – can’t wait to get them to start my projects
2) Books – love to get carried away by a good story
3) Booger Boy – One of Jacob’s many nicknames
4) Brooke Circle – name of our street 🙂
5) Broken – I broke the AUX jack on my car stereo 😦
6) Belly – I just love little pot bellies on kids…Jacob’s is so cute!
7) Better – my pinched nerve is getting better
8) Binders – I have a strange obsession with binders, I just love their versatility!
9) Boots – I’m debating about buying a nice pair of hiking boots so I can go hiking in the fall
10) Bad kitty – Cheetah when he makes it difficult to give him meds *crosses arms*

Ask me for a letter if you’d like to put a list together 🙂


Comments on: "10 Things Meme (from tiggsybabes)" (2)

  1. Fun with Letters
    Ooo fun! You know how I love the alphabet. Gimmie a letter!!!

  2. Re: Fun with Letters
    I will give you “N” for Nizzy! 😉
    IT’s supposed to be 10 random things I love, but I just used 10 random things (because I didn’t have all the info at the time 😉

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