I can’t put it any simpler than that. I’m discriminated against because I’m a single mother.

This place makes me physically ill. I’ve eaten twice in the last three days and both times I’ve felt ill afterward. I’ve felt ill after eating for most of the last 2-3 months. And I KNOW it’s this place and not some sleeper disease.

I flipped out yesterday. I even tried to do the right thing and get up and walk away adn by the time I was finished with my walk, I was MORE pissed off than when I started.

I’ve already started packing up my desk and farmed out my resume (both to companies asking for a copy and to jobs that looked relatively interesting).

I’ve seen a few interesting positions posted in Jersey, but I don’t know my way around there, nor am I completely convinced I want to work in the “armpit”.

UGH, just get me the fuck outta here!


Comments on: "IHMFJ" (4)

  1. hey
    i’m so sorry to hear about your crappy job…mine seems to be crappy at most times… staff sucks ass these days! i don’t know what to do at times…should i stay or go

  2. Re: hey
    I so hear you…it’s just such of waste of time most days…it’s pathetic
    sorry yours sucks too 😦

  3. Re: hey
    my biggest problem gave her notic so things are looking up

  4. Re: hey
    Woo Hoo! And I just got an interview for Monday! Go US! I think I need to hit the liquor store and celebrate πŸ˜€

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