Jacob Visits the LBES

I had a legitimate excuse to have Jacob in here yesterday. We had a “company picnic” to the Phillies game and families were invited.

So, I brought Jacob to work with me yesterday and we got a tour of the LBES (obviously, since I work there, *I* didn’t need the tour, but you know what I mean) by Mr. Clancy.

Jacob loved it and really wants to be an engineer now. LOL

Jacob with the LM2500

Jacob with SCU

Jacob and Clancy

Jacob and The Guys

If you look closely, you’ll notice one of the guys is flicking the bird. I was NOT amused, and yelled at him this morning. He did apologize and thankfully, it’s a digital pic, so I can “edit” it when I feel up to it.

Overall, it was a good time and Jacob was a lot braver than he’d previously been (floors are grated).


Comments on: "Jacob Visits the LBES" (2)

  1. So big!
    I love that first picture. He’s so big now! Gosh and I am just getting older and older. Ick!

  2. Re: So big!
    I like that picture too…it’s my computer wallpaper 😀
    It’s hard to believe he was only like 3 when you first met him, huh? LOL

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