Another Weird One

Dream that is…

I had a dream that I was “kidnapped” by Donald Trumpp.


I remember going to use a bathroom and being sidetracked into being sized for clothes.

Next thing I know, I’m sitting at a table, in new clothes, and DT walks over and greets me like we’ve known each other for years. Kiss on the cheek, superficial hug (and I already know the man doesn’t “touch” people).

And when I try to excuse myself to get back to my own life, I can’t leave. And he’s apparently fixed it that my family and friends think I VOLUNTARILY left.

He sold my house. He gave up custody of my son to the Toad. Told Joe that I didn’t want to see him anymore, etc., etc., etc.

I “escaped” and tried to blow the lid off the situation, but no one would believe me. Jacob was so angry. My family disowned me. My friends wouldn’t talk to me.

I was confused, hurt and upset. How could these people, whom I love desperately, believe that I’d do something like that?! There’s no way in HELL I’d leave my child. EVER. EVER EVER.

What is up with these disturbing fucking dreams!??! AT least I actually SLEPT last night, but DAMN!

My imagination is up to some fucked up shit.

Make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Comments on: "Another Weird One" (1)

  1. I do get dreams where everyone gangs up on me & no-one will listen to me & I wake up sobbing. These do go back to my childhood as my middle brother used to tell lies to get me into trouble & I’d be smacked, sent to my room for the thing & I didn’t do & for lying about it too (not that I was lying, but mum never believed me)
    It’s left me with distaste for my brother & zero tolerance of liars.

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