To Do List

For Tonite:

* Clean living room
* Dust
* Vacuum
* Empty a shelf in the basement
* Laundry
* Clean laundry away
* dishes
* chat
* bath/shower
* bed

Ok, that sounds good. We’ll see how well I do.

The Remaining List:

* Hang pictures everywhere (have started this)
* [Accent] Paint the upstairs bathroom (I checkerboarded my ceiling, I want to paint silver/chrome lines)
* Plant new flowers
* Clean out the side flower bed
* Clean out the back flower bed
* Get a grill
* Get patio furniture
* Strip my bedroom doors – working on this
* Repaint the bedroom doors
* Get my basement organized
* Hang shelving in the utility room
* Find a frigging double-rod brace (curtain rod – Living room)
* New front (storm) door
* New door jam?
* Strip kitchen cabinets (2 down, 6 to go, plus 4 drawers)
* Paint kitchen cabinets
* Paint the cabinet hardware black
* New floor for kitchen
* Ceiling fan for kitchen (of course, this one requires asking for help *sigh*)
* Rearrange kitchen?
* New cabinetry for kitchen?
* Move electrical outlet
* Replace outlets in house (with grounded outlets, again, requires help)
* New runners for hallways
* Purge craft supplies
* Hang shades in Jacob’s room
* New curtains for kitchen
* Shades [IKEA] for my room


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